The Board of Governors is the legal governing body of the school and makes decisions on policy matters affecting the school.  This function is largely governed by long-term planning.  Representation is regulated by The Education Act of The Republic of Botswana and is made up both appointed and elected persons as follows:


  1. Owner (representative), who shall be the manager (in perpetuity) and also serves as the Chairman of Love Botswana Outreach Mission Trust the owner of the school;
  2. District Commissioner or representative;
  3. Local Member of Parliament or his nominee;
  4. Local Authority representative (annual nomination);
  5. Permanent Secretary nominee;


  4 to 7 members of the local community including parents, at a public meeting

i.  2 Trustees from Love Botswana Outreach Mission Trust;

ii. 3 members from the OIS Parent Body:  1 representing Primary students; 1 representing   Secondary; students; 1  representing out of town students;                                                          

iii.2 members of the community at large.


The Principal serves as Secretary of the Board but is not a member thereof.


 Various standing and ad-hoc committees may be established as necessary and desirable for the discharge of the functions of the Board.

The day to day running and implementation of school policy is carried out under the direction of the Owner/Manager, the Principal/Head Master, the Heads of Department for Secondary (Sciences & Humanities) and the Head of Department for Primary.

A Parent Body Association exists with the objectives of promoting co-operation and fellowship between the parents and the staff and management of the school.  They raise funds for school purposes and assist at various functions of the school. 

Board Members 

Pastor Jerry Lackey

(Owner, Chair of Love Botswana Outreach Mission Trust (LBOM))
Chairman of the Board of Governors

Pastor Jana Lackey

Love Botswana Outreach Mission Trust Representative

Pastor Linda Madeksho

Love Botswana Outreach Mission Trust Representative

Mmusi Baganeletso

Governor, Member At Large

Christoph Holzapfel

Governor, Primary School Parent Representative

Mohemedi Tseleng

Governor, Out of Town Parent Representative

Dirk Visser

Governor, Secondary School Parent Representative

Kevin Witt

Governor, Member At Large

School Executive

David Tregilges

Principal and Secretary to the Board

Gideon Manenjii

Head of Department, Secondary School/Sciences

Chiedza Soza

Head of Department, Secondary School/Humanities

Angela Young

Head of Department, Primary