Parent Body

Our school seeks to partner with each parent.  We believe that by doing so we can provide quality education that will encourage each student to grow academically, socially, physically and spiritually.    In this way each student will become well-educated, balanced, compassionate and tolerant members of the world society.  Our underlying aim is to effectively develop and train our children as they become tomorrow’s leaders in a variety of walks of life.

As such we value parental involvement and aim to establish relationships with parents based on trust and mutual respect.  We hold true that God has given the primary oversight of children to parents.  The school is responsible to partner with the family in this challenging responsibility.

Parent meetings are held monthly.  Attendance at these meetings promotes good understanding between the families and the school and is strongly encouraged.

In addition, parents have an opportunity to serve on the Executive Committee of the Parent Body and also as elected Parent Representatives to the Board of Governors.