Academic Support

Computers & IT. All students do Computer Awareness training, whilst some opt to take Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as one of their IGCSE subjects. Students have access to the Internet during class time, and also after school and at weekends.

Library & Extensive Reading. Students are expected to have a library book ‘on the go’ at all times and to develop a love of extensive, recreational reading which does not just broaden their knowledge and use of language, but gives them a deeper understanding of life. The library adds to its number of volumes at regular intervals and has been much assisted in this regard by the Botswana Book Project.

Attainment Testing

Attainment testing in which students of Standard 4 and Form are formally tested to ascertain the level of mastery of the curriculum content in their form/standard is done throughout the school, with analysis of results to determine future programmes, and remedial and extension.