Homework Policy

Primary School

1. Reading homework is given daily in classes from Reception to Std. 7. Each child must have a reading card that is to be signed daily by the parents after the reading homework is done. Reading is the most important homework.

2. Homework books are sent home daily and checked daily by teachers. Parents must sign the homework books and use them for communications with the teacher.

3. Spelling words are given each Monday and normally tested on Fridays. Spelling words are given from Std. 1 to Std. 7.

4. Timetables are given as homework from Std. 2. By end of Std. 2 the children should have mastered 10, 2, 5, 3, 4 time tables and by end of Std. 3 all tables (except perhaps 9 and 12). Bonds will be given as homework from Std. 1.

5. English and Maths homework is given on alternative days and be revision of work covered in class. The aim is that the children will be able to do this homework by themselves.

6. Homework should take no more than the following:

Reception: 10-15 minutes (including reading in all cases)

Std. 1: 20 minutes

Std. 2: 25 minutes

Std. 3: 30 minutes

Std. 4: 35 minutes

Std. 5: 40 minutes

Std. 6: 45 minutes

Std. 7: 50 minutes

Only when studying for tests in upper primary will the homework exceed 1 hour.


Secondary School

Secondary students are expected to spend two to two and one half hours per weekday night on prep studying subjects according to a prep timetable. Boarders have supervised evening study, and day scholars are expected to spend a similar amount of time at home on prep homework. All students are expected to keep a Prep Register in which they record details of assignments given, as well as their test marks, comments and so on.