22 November 2016

Dear Okavango International School Parents/Guardians,

As the final days of the 2016 school year draw near, I want to take a moment to thank you for choosing this school & partnering with us for your child’s education. 

I would also like to thank you for being supportive and gracious towards us as we work through some of the infrastructure challenges we have had.  I want to ensure you that we are actively addressing these challenges with work already being done and more will commence once school is dismissed on November 24th. We are committed to making improvements & I will personally be overseeing this project. 

  • Between the 24th of November and the opening of our 2017 school year â€ªJanuary 9th, we will be working on the following:
  • Refurbishing the Boarding Hostel including the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • The primary & secondary campus will have toilets replaced and repaired and a new ablution block will be built
  • Air conditioners have already begun being repaired.  
  • We will be drilling a borehole in hopes of finding a solution for the water challenges when the water levels drop at the Boro pump station we installed 2 years ago. 
  • The outsourcing of catering for student meals with an improved menu & better operations (currently under a tendering process)

 We will work hard towards having all our classrooms clean and fresh for 2017 opening.  A massive grounds clean up and beautifying of the property has already began.  

 Some of the following administration changes have been made for the 2017 school year.  


There has been a recent decision of the OIS Board to introduce a new leadership structure. The following is effective from January 2017:

Under the OIS Board, the school will have an Administrative Director, which will oversee the running of the School with a Head Teacher over Primary, and a Principal for the Secondary department.

We are pleased to announce the post of Administrative Director by Mrs. Frances Palmer. Mrs. Palmer comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in School Administration, specifically with the Cambridge Programme. She is the holder of a Master of Education in Policy, Planning, Measurement and Evaluation. She has taught at all levels of education from Primary right up to tertiary. She started her career as a teacher and moved up the ranks until she was appointed headmistress of a secondary School in Guyana. Before coming to Botswana, she was the Head of the Measurement and Evaluation Unit (in charge of all local examinations), at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development. Her last job involved training of teachers who were reading for a Diploma in Primary Education at Serowe College of Education. She has also conducted a number of leadership workshops and has a passion for sharing information.

 The relocation of the finance office to the Life Centre has proven to be a welcome change for parents and payments are being managed from this office from now on. 

Despite the rumors that circulate around regarding the school, on behalf of the OIS Board, let me assure you all that the school is strong and we are committed to its growth in all areas. We are moving forward with the commitment to parents and students that we are developing leaders with Honour and Godly Character and the school as a whole is moving together to see this become a part of everything we do as a school. 

Please find attached the 2017 School Calandar. To all of our Form Five graduates, we wish you the very best & continue to believe for a bright future for you. Wishing each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

 We look forward to seeing you in January. 


Dr. Jerry Lackey

Chairman OIS Board.