Rules and Regulations

Download the complete Rules and Regulations pdf file


  • Bathrooms are to be kept neat at all times.
  • Taps must be properly closed after each use.  Report leaking taps as soon as possible.
  • No foreign objects are to be thrown in the drains or toilets.
  • Clean the shower and toilet after use.
  • Don’t leave wet laundry in the bathrooms.
  • Only one student at a time may use a shower or toilet.
  • No washing of clothes is to be done in the hand basins.
  • Everyone is to shower once a day.
  • A roster shows shower times.


  • The Matron/Boarding Assistant’s privacy is to be respected at all times.
  • Please knock at the door if you need assistance.
  • Treat all staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Students are not to ask boarding and school staff to do any errands or favours for them.


  • No student is allowed without written permission from the principal, Matron or boarding assistant.
  • The school grounds are out of bounds after supper time, except the study areas.
  • Students may not visit the rooms/dorms or other students unless one of the occupants of the room is present.
  • Students may NOT visit any staff house, return to the school/sports fields or go swimming without the permission of the boarding staff/Matron. All permissions are to be entered into the EXEAT book.
  • Students must sign in and out with the boarding staff at any time that they leave the school property.
  • The main roads are to be used while passing through the property and to and from school.
  • Boundaries on the plot include all roads within the fenced area. Boarders to remain in the vicinity of the main school area and boarding compounds. No loitering may take place at the maintenance area or tented areas.
  • Hostel areas are off-limits during the school day. All supplies should be taken with each student when leaving in the morning. A hostel pass must be issued by the school office should students need to return to the hostel for what ever reason.
  • Any students at the pool must be accompanied by a staff member.


  • Boarders have access to the school computers after classes.
  • Computers may not be used for Facebook, etc, or to download music. Emails, etc, may be sent.
  • Senior students may attend extra study from 2030 to 2130 in the Senior Dome for quiet book work only. No going up and down during this time.


All cell phones are to be registered in the cell phone register.  Students may only use their cell phones between 4 pm to 6 pm on school days. It is a serious offence to remove sim cards when handing in phones or have an additional cell phone at school. Boarders may use their cell phones at the following times:


            Monday to Thursday  4-6 pm

            Friday                          1:30-5 pm

            Sat.                              9 am-8 pm

            Sun.                             11:30 am-6 pm


  • Church must be attended on Sunday morning and may be another church other than the All Nations Village Church if desired by the parent or student.
  • Students are to be respectfully dressed for all church activities; for church activities, school uniform is not worn.
  • The Village Church Youth Club, Fire by Nite, is attended by all boarders on Friday evenings.


Storage space in the dorms is limited so please adhere to these guidelines.

For school

  • School uniform (see Uniform) (at least 2)
  • 1 warm top (uniform)
  • 1 school cap/hat
  • 1 pair of shoes for school wear
  • 5 pairs of white socks

Uniform PE golf shirt (at least 2)

Download the complete Rules and Regulations pdf file